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Empower your people through play and serious fun!


Business Training

"Real Business Simulations"

What We Do

When people see the big picture, they can make better sense of their day-to-day work.

Total Blueprint Solutions utilise Celemi products and simulations that builds exercises that help your employees see how everything fits together, either as part of your corporate training program, or as a stand-alone workplace learning session.

We work across various industries, management levels, and business issues.


Business Simulations Available

Virtual Online or Face to Face Gamification

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Training Methods Offered

Digitaly Online


Face to Face 

Some of the needs and challenges that we can help address are:

Business Acumen

Stratergy Implementation

Organizational Alignment


Training Facilitator

My career spans over 35+ years in Business Management, Business Development (Sales & Marketing), Project Management, Auditing and Engineering.

My training facilitation is based on real business experience and knowledge supported by these proven business simulations designed to give you experience while making decisions, learn the outcomes and see real financial results with out the consequences in the real world.

I attended my first Celemi course early in my career, thoroughly enjoyed the experience the lessons learnt and the Aha! moments. This learning experience helped me develop and support my successes in business management, management of large projects, business development and my career progression.

My passion and objective are to pass on these Aha! moments, make it fun, enjoyable, insightful and ensure you gain some business acumen, agile thinking or further experience on how to run a successful project! 

It's up to you!  

David Evans


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