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ISO 45001:2018
OH & S Management Systems

The purpose of an OH&S management system is to provide a framework for managing OH&S risks with in your business. The intended outcomes of the OH&S management system are to prevent work-related injury and ill health to staff and to provide a safe and healthy workplaces.

It is a key responsibility for a business to eliminate hazards and minimize OH&S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures.

Key benefits of 45001 implementation:

  • Reduced accidents in the workplace.

  • Establish legal and regulatory compliance and  diminish business losses.

  • Improved standing with suppliers and partners.

  • Demonstrates corporate responsibility among customers, investors and communities.

  • Fosters a happy and safe culture in the workplace promoting you as an attractive prospect for customers and employees.

    Consider implementing ISO standard 45001 to manage and maintain your
    OH & S responsibilities and become the clever compliant company you are!

ISO 45001:2018
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