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Fluid Sample Kits

Fluid Sample Kits are designed for collecting the sample and transporting to the Laboaratory for testing and reporting. 

Your sample report and information will be visable in your individual data base for review and trending once sample it tested. This will be completed within 24hrs from when sample has been recieved at the Laboratory.

        Engine and Hydraulic Oil

TBS3 - Standard Oil Analysis

The SOS3 offers you vital protection for your equipment; any abnormal conditions are highlighted early to ensure corrective action is applied before problems occur.


TBS3ANBN - Number Testing

If you’re looking to optimise your oil change intervals or determine if your oil is lasting the distance, the SOS3ANBN will be for you. This analysis offers all the testing of the SOS3 and includes Total Acid Number and Total Base Number.


Premium Oil Analysis - TBS Premium

Our premium reports offer the maintenance specialist all the information required to make an informed decision on your equipment. Comprehensive analysis in the Premium service includes all testing of the SOS3ANBN and includes moisture content in ppm (Karl Fisher), Additive Depletion and Wear Debris Analysis.

                   Diesel Fuel

TBS18 - Basic

TBS8 - Comprehensive 

Modern fuel system requirements dictate that the diesel we put in our machines can play a major part in determining performance and reliability of your investment. Full diesel analysis is available to ensure costly repairs are avoided.

Full breakdown of tests carried out for each test kit  

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