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ISO 4406:2017

Fluid Cleanliness Analysis

ISO has developed a standard for fluids cleanliness internationally.

The standard uses a contamination value and when sample is tested a code is given which helps determine the overall cleanliness of your monitored fluid system. You can establish a target value to achieve, offering a level of confidence so long as the used oil sample meets or exceeds your established target.

Setting at clenliness target for your oil is not an emmedite process that needs to be done but when undertaken correctly and trended it can lead to major extensions your fluid service life. 

The ISO code is a fantastic tool for setting target alarms, it is also the perfect measuring value to use for key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, Trending and charting.


NoteThe ISO code should play only a secondary role when it comes to evaluating used oil sample data.

Oil Sample

Total Blueprint Solutions - "Fluid Blueprint"

We can facilitate your fluid sample being tested, analysed and a full report generated of its condition to the following machinery fluids to the ISO 4406:2017 Standard.

  • Diesel Fuel

  • Engine Oil

  •  Hydraulic Oil

    Our testing, interpretation and reporting is carried out at one of the worlds largest and leading Laboratory's in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you have a current need or are interested in a fluid performance trending regime contact us for assistance and guidance.

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